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Office of Student Advising and Field Experiences

Teaching Internship

The Internship Program is a program where the student enrolls in a 3-5 semester hour course each semester for 2 consecutive terms.

To qualify for a Teaching Internship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be admitted to The Teacher Education Program in the College of Education and Health Professions prior to submitting the application for the Teaching Internship (requires passing/exempting all portions of the GACE Program Admission test).
  • Provide the SAFE Office with the entire score report noting passing scores on appropriate GACE content assessment test(s).
  • Using the provided form, have a school and school system request the Teaching Internship and agree to abide by the policies set forth by the College of Education and Health Professions.
  • Hold a Georgia Provisional, Georgia Non-Renewable, or an Alabama equivalent certificate. Certificates must be requested by the employing school system.
  • Be employed in a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accredited school within the service area that has been determined by the College of Education and Health Professions.
  • With the exception of the internship, satisfactorily complete all, or nearly all, coursework in the program of study. Students must be recommended by Program Coordinators before submitting their applications to the SAFE office. Students should direct questions pertaining to their specific programs of study to their Program Coordinators and/or advisors. The Director of the SAFE office is only responsible for assisting with and/or monitoring the students' progress while in the Internship Program.
  • Meet requirements of the Student Teacher Program, including coursework in an introduction to special education course, a classroom management course; and a course that fulfills the PSC Computer Competency requirement.
  • Deadlines for submitting internship applications are August 1 for students applying to begin the internship fall semester and December 1 for students applying to begin the internship spring semester.

Final Grades:

  • Grades will be assigned after each semester of the Internship Program. Students will receive a course grade of S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory) or a score of IP (In Progress). The IP grade denotes that there are outstanding assignments and/or internship-related courses that have not been satisfied.