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Office of Student Advising and Field Experiences

Background Checks

The background check policy has changed. A total of three background checks will be required for the Teacher Education program. Please note changes below.

1. When taking a course with field experience you are required to obtain a $5.00 background check through the University Police Department.

Please follow the process below for obtaining a background check through the UPD:

Go to the Bursar's office in University Hall and pay your $5. Background checks are processed Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Take the receipt to the University Police Office and complete the background check form. You may wait for the background check to process. The normal wait time is 15 minutes.

This background check is valid for two years or until you are ready to be admitted to the Teacher Education program.

Important: Bring completed background check report to the SAFE office, Frank Brown Hall, Rm. 2025. The Campus Police does not send the background checks to the SAFE office.



2. When applying for admission to the Teacher Education Department, you are required to obtain a FBI background check with fingerprints. This requirement must be completed no longer than 6 months prior to admittance to the Teacher Education Program.

FBI Background Check:

FBI Background Check Instructions and Application (complete these forms and take to the University Police at River Park when you go to apply for your FBI Background Check)

Applicants will need to tell the University Police where they want the results sent. Please send them to Frank Brown Hall, Rm. 2025.

If you want a copy of your background check, please tell Sgt. Mayo. The SAFE office cannot release your check after we receive it.




3. When applying to student teach a $5.00 background check through CSU University Police is required as part of your application. See instructions in number 1.

The main change is requiring the FBI national background check at admission to the Teacher Education Program. You may pick up an application for the FBI background check in the SAFE office, Frank Brown Hall, Rm. 2025 or the instructions and application are attached. You only need to begin this process if you are within 6 months of applying for the Teacher Education Program.